Founded in 1997, CNC Tracy is a machining company specializing in single and short runs production in the field of advanced technologies. With 17 high-performance machining equipment, based at a modern 15,000-square-foot factory, CNC Tracy has an experienced day and evening shift workforce with the ability to execute critical and complex assignments.

With a specialization in parts for the hydroelectric industry, the company also works in other sectors such as wood processing, stage equipment, steel foundries, food processing and aerospace testing equipment.

When mandates demand it, CNC Tracy has a reliable network of subcontractors to bring different projects beyond the capacity of their own equipment’s. Metal processing, surface treatment, laser cutting, welding, assembly etc.

One of the pride of the organization lies in the quality assurance. Certified Iso 9001 since 2004, the company counts on 3 quality managers and processes having made its reputation among a demanding clientele.

Because a company is essentially the people who compose it, CNC Tracy relies heavily on the involvement, training and work ethics of its staff. Exceeding expectations, meeting deadlines, delivering an exemplary customer experience, from bid submission to delivery, is also what makes CNC Tracy a different factory.

  • About 40 employees on day and evening shifts
  • 17 high-tech machining equipment
  • 2 designers / programmers
  • 3 quality assurance managers
  • Average satisfaction rate of 95% (data extracted from the performance evaluation systems of our clients)
  • Very low non-compliance rate
  • Unmatched expertise counting on the skills of employees from Canada, France, Ukraine and Southeast Asia
  • ISO 9001-2015 accreditation
  • Sustainable Development Program
  • A company in business for almost 20 years