Pleasant work climate, clean and well-organized environment where efforts and competence are valued, men and women of all origins with know-how and well-being are welcome at CNC Tracy.


” We value the human aspect enormously. We are aware that in our day people are looking for more than just a place to earn a salary. They are looking for a place where they will be valued and respected, where they will be able to perfect their knowledge, where they will feel part of a team and where the work is done in harmony with their colleagues and bosses ”

Philippe Caplette, President/Plant manager

” Interested in the skills and know-how of other parts of the world, we have in our team several employees from different countries: France, Senegal, Ukraine, Southeast Asia. The average age of employees is relatively young: under the age of 35. We recruit mainly young graduates from college. The perfect balance for us is to have these young people, their dynamism and their ideas and to combine this energy with our more experienced employees ”

Bertin Côté, Vice-President.

” In 2001, we made a significant shift in work organization by adopting a new corporate culture based on continuous improvement. This process leads us to consult our employees for each of our organizational changes. The contribution of employees is as important as ours, sometimes even higher. To improve a process or solve a problem, it is the involvement of all stakeholders that brings the best solution. We are a team. We want employees to feel involved and we greatly appreciate their efforts in this regard. ”

Denis Comeau, President